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How It All Started

The idea of the International Eye Institute had its roots in the 1980s when various founders lived and worked as medical missionaries in Latin America. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s Drs. Justin and Maj StormoGipson, Dr. Pat Parden, and Dr. Steve Moss continued to provide medical and surgical eye care in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Guatemala. Mary Sibulsky, RN volunteered to become our team coordinator and from that beginning, the International Eye Institute was born. We have continued to expand our volunteer base and our work has included patients in various countries including Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, India and China. The sustained success of the International Eye Institute stems from the compassion, understanding, and passion of the many volunteers who have joined us in our work to eliminate preventable blindness.

Our Volunteers

The international Eye Institute plans two medical missions yearly that are staffed by volunteer medical professionals who donate their time, expertise and travel expenses. These medical missions have introduced hundreds of volunteers to the challenges and rewards of practicing medicine in developing countries.  Dr. Justin and Dr. Maj StormoGipson genuinely believed that the long-term impact of the way serving influences both the medical professional and the communities they serve back home (the “reverse mission”), may be the most important outcome of our work.  Volunteers past and present are grateful for how this work continues to shape our lives today.

Mission Work

Summary of our work since 2005:

  • 44 mission trips planned and executed

  • Over 12,000 exams provided

  • Over 2000 surgeries performed

  • More than $3.5M in donated care

  • 1000s of pounds of surgical equipment shipped

  • Organized and equipped an eye clinic and surgery suite

  • Partnered with Dr. De Leon to fund and support a fellowship training program

                                                   (as of 2023)


Surgeries Performed to Date: 2194

A non-comprehensive list of some of our volunteers over the years: Stephen Moss, MD, Justin StormoGipson, MD, Maj StormoGipson, MD, Ed Riley, MD, Pat Parden, MD, Pulin Shah, MD, Dave Dance, MD, Alison Granier, MD, Whitney Smith, MD, Mark Jessen, MD, Todd Jackson, MD, Rachel Fuerst, MD, Sarah Covey, MD, Richard Macias, MD, Austin Pharo, MD, Jeff Vinet, MD, Dave Robinson, MD, Soledad Romero, MD, John Stachow, MD, Hillary Chisholm, MD, Ephraim Atwal, MD, Mario Euceda, MD, Shawn Goodman, MD, Edward Kim, MD, Sarwat Salim, MD, Simon Fogarossi, MD, Christie Brown-Munoz, MD, Rupert Chowins, OD, Elizabeth Torres, OD, Dan Garn, OD, John Calderwood, OD, Rob Sorensen OD, Katie Gleason, OD, Jon Pack, OD, Daniel Crook, OD, Mike Oswald, CRNA, Nuria Martinez, CRNA, Chad Taylor, CRNA, Vince Rossi, DDS, Dick Smart,DDS, Tom Dance, DDS, Dallin Dance, DDS, Bill MacDonald, DDS, Blake MacDonald, DDS, Mary Sibulsky RN, Julie Crandall, RN, Debbie Parkins, Coleen Pack, RN, Renatta Seely, RN, Daisey Spidell, RN, Robin Blake, RN, Victoria Friend, RN, Kimberley Averitt, RN, Barbara Baker, RN, Roseanne Valentino, RN, Nan Osborne, RN, Marie Bell, RN, Forest Bell, RN, Emily Eves, RN, Denise Buettner, RN, Nikki Roberts, RN, Ketty Musson, RN, Karen Sines, Carrie Foshee, Elizabeth Garcia, Kathy Teal, Jamie Bernhardt, Leah Christy, Maddy Christensen, Rebecca, Barbara Baker, Sokhoeun Chau, Ali Moyer, Tiffany Misita, Bill Bell, Jennifer Cherry, Ken Cherry, Steve Newman, Alicia Lasko, Marian Schenkenberger, Susan Guidici, Cynthia Capello, Kent Breckenridge, Janet Windman, Mary Rosdahl, Jacquelyn Meredith, Debe Breckenridge, Leah Christy, Mike Fleck, McKenna Hall, Darla Varney, Joy Roussel, Malinda Reynolds, Ron Zepeda, Megan Miller, Alyssa Frantz, Tammy Musgrove, Lisa Wooley, Rebecca Smith, Steve Sibulsky, Master MC, Sydney Anselmo, Mary Brazil, Nicole Ladanne, Peggy Palmer, Stephen Sample, Aaron Howard, Carly Frantz, Alyssa Frantz, Sam Weyermiller Oberlin, Andre Tulleners, Kathy Dresen, Marie Budinsky, Patricia Kirkeby, Kenna, Kate and Luke StormoGipson, Elisabeth Sibulsky, William Aultman, Evalyn Hymans, Jennifer Williams, Allegra Lobell, Gary MacSwain, MaryEllen Johnson, Kristin Parden, Andrew Parden, Lindsey Parden, Eileen Reed, Janice DiNatale, Kimberley Canoy, Anna Miller, Anna Teal, Bonnie Parden, Sally Pacquin, Jean Johnson, Connie Burkhart, Dallin, Channing, Ann Marie, and Julienne Dance, Mindy Hobelman, Ann Smart, Teresa and Mikayla Oswald, Chuck Finan, Eric White, Lance Kinney, Janet Kee, Lynn Rinker, Tu Dave Nguyen, Eric White, Shasta Bell, Barbie Lewis, Candy Iha, Sharo Asher, Anna Shi, Amy Wilhelm.

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